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Coming soon…our new anniversary Black Gift Box packaging and our new 100ml gold-printed Gift Box packaging, clear for for in-flight carry-on luggage, introducing our new, rare series of Organic early – harvest olive oil “agourelaion”. A rare Christmas gift for special occasions only…

Ritual Bloom Black Gift Box

Ritual Bloom Black Gift Box Agourelaion, 500ml


Ritual Bloom Agourelaion, 100ml











The Early Harvest Special Edition Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil is more than just an excellent olive oil. It is produced by raw olive fruits, harvested early-on in the harvesting season, concealing a taste of spicy bitterness, aroma of fresh grass and early harvested unripe olives, all served in a remarkable green-colored fresh juice. “Omfakio” as ancient Greeks used to call it…

Agourelaion is produced earlier in the harvesting season than conventional olive oil, when olive fruit is still unripe and has special characteristics and beneficial properties:

  • brilliant green color due to chlorophylls
  • higher antioxidant qualities than regular olive oil
  • contains vitamins, pro-vitamins and metals in higher concentration than conventional olive oil
  • contains a higher concentration of polyphenols, which have high antioxidant properties

George, 27/11/2017